Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are all enrollments approved?

•   If all fields are completed, and the payment plan amount is more than $250 and less than the annual maximum out of pocket expense for a family, then the enrollment will be approved.

•   If the payment plan amount is more than the annual maximum out of pocket expense for a family contact Repaytient  at 812-329-5945 to discuss the patient’s options.

2.What happens if the FINAL BILL AMOUNT increases or decreases from the estimate that was input in the application?

•  The FINAL BILL AMOUNT will likely increase or decrease after Adjudication, so   that is why the final Payment Plan amount and repayment schedule are sent to you later. Your monthly payments will increase/decrease accordingly.

3.Are there any fees or additional costs for enrollment?

•   No. There are no fees or additional costs for enrolling in a Repaytient payment plan. 

4.What if I don’t want to have my payment automatically drafted?

•   You can contact us afterwards and change but note: There is a $25 check processing fee. There may be a minimal fee for processing money orders.

5.Will this impact my credit rating or credit score

•    PFS will not pull your credit or report to any credit agencies.

6.What is the APR?

•    This is a 0% interest PAYMENT PLAN. There are no hidden fees or interest rate changes over the term of the payment plan.

7.What happens after submitting my application?

•   You will receive an email in next 24 hours.

•   Once procedure is completed and insurance payment to Provider has finalized (Adjudication), you will receive an email with your final Payment Plan amount and repayment schedule,   by month. This may take 0-60 days, depending on insurance.

•The welcome email will contain a link which will allow you to set up. After Insurance payment to the provider has finalized(Adjudication) the first payment will be drafted in approximately 30 days, but please note:

•No payments are drafted on weekends or holidays, so the draft may be on the following business day.

•You will receive a payment reminder, via email and/or text, 3 days prior to the scheduled payment which will reflect the actual day of collection.