How It Works

Hospitals all over the country are struggling financially. The biggest reason for this is the rapid growth of patient deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses.


Customizable, interest free payment plans to meet your patient's needs

Available To All

No denials - avalailable to all patients, insured and uninsured

Fast Funding

Fast funding increases cash flow

Increase Cash Flow

60% of patient balances after a visit go uncollected.

Repaytient’s interest free payment plans increase your cash flow by 30%, decrease your collections overhead by 15% and increase patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Mary has an operation and owes $4,000 (her deductible or out of pocket costs).

Mary chooses the term and recurring payment amount that work for her (36 payments of $111.11).

Mary gets the care she needs when she needs it and the hospital/provider increase cash flow by 30% and reduce collections overhead by 15%.

Repaytient advances full discounted payment to the Hospital/provider.

Enhance Patient Experience

33% of Americans put off treatment of a medical condition in the past year due to medical costs

Your patients get access to the care they need when they need it without delaying care due to costs, increasing patient satisfaction and outcomes.

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